solar cell energy cars

Number of vehicles are increasing day by day that leads to fuel shortage in all over the world. Car companies producing high fuel efficient vehicle to manage the fuel insufficiency. People looking for renewable energy resources for saving the fuel and cost for it. Riding the car with the renewable energy is difficult one to design but companies proved by using the solar cell to design even the commercial cars. Initially solar car races are conducted in some countries for testing the solar ride and performance. Fixing solar cells on top cabin is critical part in designing the car, so flat roof is provided for the race cars for arranging the solar arrays. The solar vehicle is designed to intake very low energy amount for operating.

The guages are available on the solar cars to keep protect from unnecessary problems. It helps to monitor the car’s energy consumption, solar energy observing, battery charge and other parameters. The solar cells are arranged in terms of array on the flat roof on the car where the PV cells are used under the flat roof to convert sunlight to electric energy. Horizontal arrangement is used commonly to get more power even in uneven atmosphere. Vertical solar cell arrangement helps to get more power only in unidirectional angle. Nowadays it is available in commercial car models, You can save fuel amount and maintenance charge on solar cars. The powerful batteries are used in solar cars where you can travel up to 400km without the sunlight by using the charged power. Even though the speed of solar vehicle in low of 60 to 80 km/h but the advantages are more.


The gear is energy booster for engine to increase the pulling power of a vehicle speed. To determine the speed of engine from low speed to high speed by shifting the gear from first to top gear . Here is the automatic gear shifting which freeing the driver from manual shifting to drive in simple manner . Drive car without the strain of changing the gear or skip often paddle the clutch. The fuel consumption of the manual gear system is very high compare to automatic gear system. The automatic gear system consist only there forward, reverse, neutral ,parking gears.

Usually while changing the gear belt speed connected between the engine fan and gear shaft is increased when shifting the gear, but automatic gear shifting uses the torque converter to vary the speed , The torque in engine is varied according to acceleration from low or high speed . It is connected between the transmission gear and engine to control the power deliver from acceleration. It uses the transmission computer system to shift gear so the default program is uploaded to increase or decrease speed according to acceleration. The infinite number of gears are used in automatic instead of fixed gear . One can drive without any strain even at heavy traffic in city. Most of the start up drivers using this automatic gear shifting to drive easily, earlier it was installed only in light motors but due to its more advantage it is installed in heavy vehicles .


If you are struggling to shift gears during heavy traffic or inside the city then just forget about it and buy automatic transmission gear car to feel free driving . it is one of the latest technique which is installed in most of the car nowadays . No need to worry about shifting gear so that it makes more enjoyment while driving even for long journey. Forward , Reverse, Parking and Neutral are only four gears available in this cars . Nowadays , technologies are reaching beyond limit that industries fix switches instead of gears in automatic shifting. If you are in the starting stage of driving then do not fear to drive even in high speed or in city without any problem , The only thing is to control accelerator and brake.

The transmission occur according to acceleration , here the computer transmission system is fixed between the engine and paddle to vary the speed. It has many advantages when compared to manual gear system . It delivers top pickup speed from the engine because of transmission occurs in micro seconds , Instead of fixed gear number system the infinite number of gears are installed to get more pulling power for increasing speed level. the fuel consumption is very low because the automatic transmission does not require the clutch paddle. so, the time period is less on gear transmission that too the gear ratios are fixed from low to high in step by step because of this engine intake low fuel for combustion.

High performance cars

The car with all the comforts and facilities can be referred as the ultra modern, super efficient cars. These cars gives the best performance,safety and affordbility when compared with the other. These cars have the outstanding aero dynamics. Such type of characteristics will combine together to create a good performance. We can experience the hyper cars with good speed, good handling and achieve the fuel economy. Many features of these cars are incorporated with the advanced technology. If we compare the cars, we find some cars with less coefficient that lowers the current production of cars.

These are different motors industries that manufactures the automobiles. A wide variety of terms used to describe the road vehicle efficiency. The proto- type fuel cell electric vehicles uses more than 1000 watt hrs per mile. The electric vehicles use electric energy in more direct and efficient way. Electric vehicles are more efficient and result in the green house gases. Hyper cars uses some technology that can be found in the race cars to create safety cells. With the technology the drivers of the hyper cars survive the crashes such as carbon fiber,Kevlar and some other advanced.

Characteristics of the hyper cars:
1. efficient propulsion
2. weight efficient construction
3. offers good handling
4. speed
5. fuel economy
6. outstanding aero dynamics

The production of the hyper cars have been reduced but the technology of those cars are used in manufacturing the advanced technologies like show cars, electric vehicles.